Our team includes four passionate women that have all been personally or indirectly affected by homlessness. 

We are sisters, mothers, daughters, wives, Christians, leaders, & advocates. Homelessness won't be eradicated overnight, but we hope that this non-profit will shift the narrative, humanize the stories of homeless women, and plant the seed that may spark a change. 

Fatima Farmer is a Certified Mindfulness Meditation & Breathwork Facilitator, Clarity Coach, Non-Profit Founder of the @soulbeautyoutreach, and podcast host. Fatima has over a decade of experience creating digital content, coaching, developing and teaching online courses, digital workbooks, and leading guided meditations. She’s created over 200 youtube videos and 100 podcast episodes on the topics of self-love, self-care, mental health, and faith. In addition to her work in wellness, she uses her years of experience to help other up & coming brands and influencers launch their social media communities through 1:1 consulting. In October of 2020, Fatima launched “Soul Beauty Outreach”.

------Meet Our Founder-----

Wakia Hayward is a professional certified life coach, career adviser and mentor who is passionate about developing the confidence and resilience of women. 

As an empowerment coach Wakia works one-on-one with women to develop self-awareness, action, and accountability designed to help clients identify, embrace and pursue their God given purpose. As a result of working with Wakia, clients gain clarity, confidence, the courage to pursue their goals and sustain success.

Using her top strengths of Restorative, Connectedness, Relator, Intellect and Input (based on Strengths Finder 2.0) Wakia skillfully listens, reflects, and helps clients clarify their vision and identify action steps. Her clients learn tactics to overcome the obstacles which block them by make the most of on their natural talents and abilities. Wakia has a gift for connection, encouragement, and developing trust with individuals.

Prior to starting her coaching and career advising career in 2016, Wakia spent over 17 years in Information Technology. Her lifelong passion for understanding the human condition and spiritual connection led her to become a life coach. She has a B.S in IT, Master’s in Business, a Certified Life Coach with the Coach Training Alliance, a Certified Career Advisor, and Certified Mentor. She is currently pursuing her Empowerment Coach certification with Holistic Coach Academy.  

Wakia is a native of North Carolina and currently resides in the Baltimore area with her husband. She diligently practices daily habits of gratitude, kindness and spiritual growth.

------Meet Our Treasurer -----

------Meet Our Secretary-----

Christa McDowell is a devoted wife of 6 years and mother of 3 beautiful girls. She was born and raised in Northern New Jersey,where she attended primary school and attended church on a regular basis. After graduating high school, Christa matriculated at Morgan State University in Baltimore MD for 3 years before completing her Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy at William Paterson University in Wayne, NJ. Christa loves to sing, volunteer, and spend time with her family, and can be found doing all three past times at her church Union Baptist Church in Kenilworth, NJ. It has always been a goal of hers, to make a difference in the homeless community and to help remove some of the road blocks that keep people bound in homelessness. Through Soul Beauty Outreach, Christa hopes to make an impact on many, but even if only one life is changed, it will be a great achievement. 

------Meet Our Social Media & AdMin Intern-----

Being a true born and raised Angeleno, Amber is a recent film graduate from CSULB and in her short life has worked in a variety of fields from nutrition, mental health, creative space, and even retail! With her creative talents, her goal is to create safe spaces for fellow creatives to be themselves and have the accessibility she desired to have when beginning her creative journey.

Amber began her passion for the arts with photography at Venice Arts, then decided to pursue a career in film and photography! She began building ABolden Images and is now expanding it to a digital marketing company specializing in marketing in the forms of graphic design, photography, and videography. As she continues to grow her business, her goal is to start a nonprofit in South Central Los Angeles centered around serving adolescents and young adults in underserved communities teaching them about digital arts and computer science.

As she continues to pursue her passions, she continues to serve her community in various ways such as volunteering and being apart of community projects.

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