"Homelessness won't be eradicated overnight, but we hope that this non-profit will shift the narrative, humanize their stories, and plant the seed that may spark the change. We can't do this without you!"

My name is Fatima Farmer. I am a Certified Meditation Instructor, Clarity Coach, Influencer & Host of The SoulBeautyChat Podcast.
After years of helping women online and IRL build their faith & confidence I've decided to use my gifts to support homeless women. 
I've always had a heart for helping the homeless. Maybe that's because I was nearly homeless myself once or maybe this is just what God placed me on the earth to change, either way...it's my life's purpose.

Our employees really enjoyed our session with Fatima. We are in a very fast-paced industry and being able to take a few minutes to reset and do something for ourselves is invaluable. We can’t wait to have her back!
— Courtney Nelson | HR Manager at Westbrook Media

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